Is your garage being taken over by insects?

A garage is often used for many different purposes by different people. Some people use a garage as another room of their house such as a gym or a games room. It may be very clean and tidy and even have properly insulated walls and carpet. For others, their garage is a place to store unwanted items before disposing of, a place to keep the bins or gardening equipment or just a place to park your car overnight.

It is important to ensure that your garage is kept clean and that you do not hoard too many belongings in there as it can become a haven for insects and rodents if you are not careful. If you store your bins or recycling in your garage then you may find, especially during the warmer months that you start to get a lot of flies or even maggots in there. This can not only be unsightly but can actually be quite a health risk.

Having a mouth in your garage can cause a lot of damage. They often chew through lots of different items to find themselves a nice place to make a warm cosy bed. If you have clothes or even your tent packed away in your garage, you may find an unwelcomed guest next time you open it up.