New and Used Cars

In early 2013 there were 34.5 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain and 83% of these vehicles were cars. That just goes to show how important cars are in every individual’s daily lives. The number of drivers on the road continues to increase and there are more cars out there than ever before, mainly because used cars are continuously sold on for years and years.

Not every individual wants to acquire a new vehicle, and it’s fair to say that the price of the vehicle is significantly reduced as soon as it’s driven out of the showroom because it’s ‘used’ and it has had an owner. The majority of people out there buy used vehicles and they buy them knowing that they will want to sell them on later. It can be quite rare for a car owner to stay with one vehicle throughout the entire life of that vehicle, and the fact is many people switch cars every two to three years.

There are so many different types of cars to choose from including classic cars, sports models, hatchbacks, saloons, SUVs, vans, compact cars and estates. The Ford Fiesta was voted the best small car of the year because it offers an ‘all round package’. You get excellent handling, reasonable speeds, fuel efficiency and style, while the bargain of the year has to be the Dacia Sandero 1.2 Ambience. This car is priced under £7,000 and while it’s a bit more sluggish than the ford fiesta, but it’s comfortable, more affordable,   and it doesn’t have an attractive design.

Budget is often the deciding factor when it comes to opting for a brand new car or a used car, and for the price of a brand new basic hatchback you can buy a used luxury car; that’s the difference in price. A car can be seen as more than vehicle that merely takes you from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and it can actually reflect an individual’s personality, status and character.

Cars have become fashionable products in many ways and the look and brand of a vehicle is often an extremely important consideration. Supercars are often the type that many people dream of owning but only the wealthiest individuals are able to purchase these. They’re designed to perform at extremely high speeds, while they often have bizarre design features. Such as the Lamborghini scissor doors and the remarkably low body on the Ford GT. Every day cars are changing hands and the number of car son our roads only begins to grow and that’s why it’s important to understand the range that’s out there