Having a service done on your vehicle at a garage

Many people think that a service is just about changing oil and filters on your car but a service can actually be a lot more in depth than an MOT and can be a really good way of finding out what needs to be done or what may need doing soon. This can allow you to budget and get work done prior to the MOT or worse still, prior to it breaking down.

The cost of a service varies depending on what car you have and where you take it. For a main service you can expect to pay around £150-£250. Some cars require a main service every year others every two to three years. If you do a lot of miles in your car then it will need to be serviced more frequently and you may want to have an oil and filter change in between. As part of a service the garage will carry out a number of checks and will also check fluid levels and top up where necessary. They will also lubricate hinges and joints that may need to be. They often check safety aspects such as seat belts, tyres and brakes as well as suspension components such as shock absorbers and coil springs.

Although your car may of recently passed an MOT do not be fooled in to thinking that this will mean they will not find any issues when they come to service the car as they often go a lot more in depth on a service.