Motorbikes really began to come into their own in the 1900s and today they’re widely recognised as one of the finest forms of transport. Today the moto industry is largely dominated by Japanese manufacturers including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha, however BMW motorcycles still remain popular.

There are several benefits that come with a motorbike or a moped but escaping the traffic has to be one of the main advantages. You can move up the side of the traffic on a motorbike and the rush hour drive to work no longer becomes an issue. Many people opt to use motorbikes and motorcycles in built up areas to avoid the traffic, especially in cities like Bangkok and Rome.

Motorbikes in Britain are not quite so popular and this is partly due to the weather conditions. There is, however, a great deal of history regarding motorbikes in the United Kingdom and the 1962 Triumph Bonneville represents the first big rise in popularity. Then the Japanese motorcycles came into play and the Honda CB750 certainly changed the face of the moto industry.

Today motorbikes are in no way in short supply, and you can choose a bike to suit your needs. Some bikes are sheer racing bikes while others are designed for touring, and these bikes tend to be more comfortable. The BMW F800GT is an ultimate touring bike and it’s designed to be fuel efficient, comfortable and stylish, and it certainly packs some speed.

There are so many different motorbikes and mopeds for different purposes and some bikes are designed for new motorcyclist while others are more suitable for those who are experienced, especially the larger kikes that you see on the road. Mopeds are ideal for nipping to local amenities and perhaps to work but they’re certainly not ideal in a long commute. Many of the 50cc mopeds are restricted to 30mph and you need to acquire a CBT test certificate to drive this vehicle, unless of course you have a driver’s licence or a motorcycle licence.

Motorbikes may not be as mainstream as cars in the UK but we see more and more of them in the summer months. Moto is not everybody’s cup of tea but there are now more and more options to choose from, while drivers may now begin contemplating this form of transport in a bid to reduce fuel consumption and evade standstill traffic.