What is the best type of garage door to have installed?

When it comes to garage doors you may be shocked at the amount of options you have ; from the basic up and over traditional garage door you may be used to, to the all-electric roller shutter door or bi folding doors.

Each different type of garage door has its advantages and disadvantages but there will be at least one that is perfect for you and your garage. Firstly, you need to think carefully about what is stored in your garage and how often you will need to be operating the door. If for example the main focus is on security then you need to ensure that you get a garage door that cannot be compromised easily and that this takes priority over how aesthetically pleasing it is.

If you struggle for space in your garage then you should choose a roller garage door. These will open vertically and roll away above to give a clear opening to the garage. These can be especially useful if you only have a short driveway and so do not have much room to open a garage door. They are often available in in a wide choice of finishes to suit your colour scheme and budget.