How to heat your garage without breaking the bank

If you use your garage as a gym, workshop, laundry room, games room or maybe even an office then during the winter months you may find it gets extremely cold. Garages are often not very well insulated and sometimes do not have carpet or wall coverings to help add comfort and warmth to the home.

Installing central heating in your garage may be very expensive and possibly a bit overkill if you only use it occasionally. But there are ways in which you can heat your garage on a budget.

Adding insulation to the doors and windows is a must. This can often be done quite cheaply and although it won’t add heat to the room it can help keep the draft out. Insulating the walls will also help retain the heat but this can be a little more costly.

Using an electric space heater won’t add much on to your electricity bill buy can just take the chill out of the air. They work best when they are within close proximity to you and can take a little while to heat up the room but don’t require ventilation and can be quite cost effective if only wanting to use them once in a while.