Should you have a double garage built

If you are considering having a garage built or currently have a garage that is a bit too small. You may consider getting a double one built. A double garage can be really useful even if you do not want to store two vehicles in there. A garage is often used to store other items such as garden equipment, car cleaning items and possibly even laundry. Having a double garage allows you to separate your garage into a section for your car and a section for other items. You may even like to have a workshop in your garage to allow you to work on projects throughout the year.

It may be that you want to convert half of your garage in to a office space. You may need to have some sort of heating in there and possibly segregate it off from the rest of the garage to allow you to retain the heat easier.

Often the cost of building a double garage is not double the cost of building one garage, it obviously will cost more but not as much as you may think. Some people decide to have a double heigh garage if they do not have the room for a side by side one. You can board out the upstairs and create a space for you to work in or as additional storage.