Do you have mice in your garage?

At the moment we are still enjoying the summer months but as winter approaches many of us often have some unwelcome house guests. Its not only spiders than come in to our homes during the colder months but mice are often another visitor that many of us could do without. Although very cute looking, mice can be quite destructive and can cause a fair bit of damage. A common place for mice to be found is in our garages, this is because they are often easy for them to get in to and offer a bit of shelter. They are also often quite quiet so the mouse can live undisturbed for weeks.

The first signs that you have a mouse or mice in your garage is often the droppings. You can usually tell quite quickly if they are from a mouse. You may even hear them scrambling around.

If you do have mice you have a few options. If you think there is a lot and you don’t want to have to deal with it yourself you can call out pest control. If you want to do it in a humane way then you will need to lay humane traps but be sure to set them free at least a mile from your home otherwise they may just come back.