Do you have a favourite garage you use for your car repairs?

When it comes to maintaining a car, you need to choose carefully where you take it. It may be that you have a local garage that you have always used or perhaps you always take your car to a main dealership to get repaired.

When choosing a garage, it is important that you fully trust them and that you know you can rely on what they say. For example, if you have something wrong with your engine but they say it is ok to keep driving it until they can fit it in for repairs, you want to know that this information is correct and that they are giving you advice that is safe.

There may come a time when you need to find a new garage to use, maybe you have moved to a different area or perhaps your usual garage has closed down. The best way to find a garage you can trust is to find reviews. You may be able to do this online if it is a large garage, or if not, you may have to ask around in the local area or have a look on social media sites such as Facebook. They may even have a profile on social media upon which people have left reviews or their may be a local group that you could ask for recommendations from.