What to consider before upgrading your garage door

A good garage door can last a few decades or even a lifetime if you chose the correct one. There is no one garage door that fits all as we all use our garages for different purposes so the garage door needs to reflect this. For example, some people use their garage to park their car in every night. They may take it in and out of the garage a few times a day and therefore need something quick and easy to access. For these situations, an automatic up and over garage door is probably the most suitable. It will allow them to drive the car in and out of the garage using a remote control to open and close it when needed.

Other people may use their garage more like an additional room in their house, maybe as a laundry room or as extra storage. They may not often need to have full access to the garage so a garage door with a pedestrian door built in would be ideal. This allows them to keep the main door shut and locked whilst still having access through a smaller door.

Cost obviously does come into it for many people, but you should see your garage door as an investment as hopefully you won’t have to replace it for a long time to come.