Dealing with the Discomfort of Long Motorbike Journeys

Many motorbikes riders will suffer from soreness and aches when they are riding very long distances, but there are ways to deal with the issues of discomfort, and we’re going to talk you through them.

Firstly, make sure every element of your bike is fit for purpose. Check your tyres, the weight load, and all of your water as well as your oil and fuel levels. It’s also important to make sure your riding position is comfortable, ad try not to curve your back too much, the straighter your body can be positioned the better.

Your helmet should not be too light or too heavy, and it can be beneficial to make sure you’re gear and safety wear is not too heavy yet very resilient in case of an emergency.

Make sure your body has fuel too. For example water, as well as energy bars can be important in making sure you stay alert, and they can provide you with energy you need to fight any physical fatigue.