Are your tyres within the legal limits?

When it comes to cars it may feel like you are always having to fork out something towards the running or maintenance of the vehicle. This can seem like a bit of a headache and you can guarantee repairs always come up at the worse possible time.

Tyres are a very important part of the handling of your vehicle. Did you know that if your tyre is worn below the legal limit or excessively damaged you can be given three points on your license for each tyre? That means if all four of your tyres are below the legal limit you will receive 12 points which equals a ban! Tyres can not only cost you points on your license but can also be one of the main causes of accidents. Most garages will tell you that although you do not legally have to change your tyres until they reach 1.6mm of tread, that cars are negatively affected after the tread wears down to about 3 mm. This may seem like a bit of a sales ploy to get you to change your tyres, but the facts speak for themselves and it is proven to be true.

If you buy new tyres are usually sold with 8mm of tread whereas part worn tyres can be bought from many garages in the UK but may only have as little as 2mm of tread left. This is not always very economical as you may need to change them very soon after replacing them or find that they already don’t perform that well especially in icy or wet conditions.