Adding more storage options to your garage

A garage can be a very useful part of your home. It is often used as extra storage and as a place to store items that you do not need often or that tale up a lot of room. Some people use their garage to store their car in, especially over the winter months when they may not want to have to defrost it every morning. IT may be that your garage isn’t big enough to store your car in, in which case you may decide that you want to organise it in such a way as to make it a practical storage space.

If you need extra room in your garage, why not consider building a second level. Splitting the garage and having a raised floored in roof space can give you almost double the storage space. There are many different ways in which you can build in extra storage in your garage, such as building a suspended floor or extending out to the side. You could choose to split the current garage in to two floors or you could even remove the roof and build a second floor if you want to increase the height. You may need to obtain planning permission for this so always be sure to check first.