Switching up to a Bigger Motorbike

When you go from driving a big vehicle to a small vehicle it isn’t usually too difficult, but the same cannot be said when you go from a small motorbike to a bigger motorcycle. Tourer motorbikes tend to be big, bulky and exceptionally fast, and you can feel the difference in speed and weight, especially if you’re coming off a lightweight motorbike.

This should not put you off the idea, and getting a bigger bike can come quite naturally to some people, but you should always be aware that you may need to adapt. Once you’re aware of the transition and the difference in power, you can ride your motorbike more safely and you will certainly get to grips with your bike quicker.

Do not take any passenger son your bike until you’re comfortable with it, and it’s best to take your bike out when the roads are relatively clear, to get a really nice run.