Other uses for your garage

Having a garage attached to or next to your home can be very useful. Although you may not park your car in the garage, we often use garages as a place to store gardening equipment, tools or even washing and drying appliances. More and more people these days are using their garages in new and creative ways, such as a playroom, a music room or even an extension of your kitchen.

Man / women caves have become increasing popular especially over lockdown. This room can essentially have anything in you want. Some people create a bar and games area, some people turn it in to a cinema room whilst others may have it as a gaming room. You may even just set up some comfy sofas or chairs and have a music player in there.

If you are working from home or considering working from home in the future then why not create a home office in your garage space. This way you can still work from the comfort of your home without having it take over your home life. By moving it into the garage, you will have a better atmosphere and this will come across in the productivity of your work.