Keeping your car clean in the summer months

Cleaning the car on their driveway on a Saturday or Sunday morning is a routine that some people enjoy but for the majority of car owners the opportunity to pay someone else to do this thankless task is taken up enthusiastically. During the summer months our cars get very dusty and so cleaning is as important as during winter months.

Many towns have a hand car wash facility in them where a group of workers will wash your car while you sit inside. Some of these facilities will also, for an additional fee, valet your car interior leaving it clean both inside and out.

Some garages have an automated car wash where you can choose the level of service you require by buying a token from the kiosk. This service needs to be used with care as it is not suitable for cars with roof racks or those that have loose trims etc. They are used at the driver’s own risk so think carefully before using this method of car wash.

By far the simplest way to keep your car clean in the summer is to use a bucket of soapy water to wash away the dust and then to either hose the car down or use a bucket of clean water. Yes, it does take some effort but if tackled regularly it should not take long.